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I just found this AI search. It is a surprise, because it looks like a fully E-Commerce compatible solution, which is pretty rare:
– vector search
– filters
– sort
– pagination
– facets (this is a rare feature)
– highlighting

Among other things, it is multi-modal by default (text, image, video, sound), and can ingest data from its API or from file uploads. It also provides a javascript widget builder.

Notice that the AI hosted search is powered by NucliaDB.

With the managed search, we do not know what models are behind the scene, but everything is taken care for you.

While with NucliaDB, you can choose your Hugging Face model to produce the vectors, but this requires your custom python code.

Nuclia search API:
Nuclia managed search pricing:

Try our Weaviate semantic search on your WooCommerce products:

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