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Generateblocks, a Gutenberg editor plugin?

Published 11 October, 2023
– Last updated 11 October, 2023

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Have you tried GenerateBlocks?

Recently started new website creation projects so I thought I would try out WordPress pagebuilders other than good old Elementor.

Somebody suggested Generateblocks and thought I would check it out but surprise, it uses Gutenberg, the editor I always avoided.

But I was pleasantly surprised. GenerateBlocks is a WordPress plugin that adds a handful of blocks to the Gutenberg editor. However they are highly customizable, more than the elements of most other pagebuilders which more than makes up for the small number of blocks.

Some drawbacks

I only tried it out for a small while but I still saw a few limitations. An example is image carousel, there is currently no way of easily making an image carousel with default Generateblocks, you need to install a separate plugin.


These are only my first impressions so I definitely have much more to learn. Have you tried GenerateBlocks and, if so, what are your thoughts?

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