WPML, Ajax, dynamic filters and analytics?

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    5 years, 4 months ago #8761

    Dear WP SOLR Team,

    I have the following questions about WPSOLR prior to purchasing it:

    1) For WPML Support, up to which version you support it?

    2) In WPSOLR plugin, the links of search page, are they Dynamic URL’s or are they static? what if I use my theme search template with or without Ajax?

    3) As you are aware, if dynamic urls are there for the search page, is there a way to change them to static? as this affects SEO.

    4) Do you support analytics of the searches being done similar to my current host Algolia?

    Thanks and appreciate your answer as soon as possible.

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    1) WPSOLR is automatically tested up to the last WPML version

    2) WPSOLR replaces your search query, but let your theme display the results, as usual

    3) With the Yoast or All in One SEO, WPSOLR replaces dynamic search urls with permalinks

    Video – WPSOLR PRO + Yoast SEO + TwentySixteen + SolrCloud

    4) No need. Use the best in the world, Google Analytics, by creating reports on your search url parameters.

    pseudo visitor
    5 years, 4 months ago #8763

    1. Excellent

    2. Ok, but you didn’t answer my question, will it use dynamic or static urls in creating the search queries? eg: will the url be static : http://www.aaa.com/aaa/aa/a or will it be http://www.aaa.com/?s=aaa&&Aa&a

    3. The url attached doesn’t show the use of Yoast to replace dynamic URLs with permalinks. Can you show a clear video. Even no Yoast settings are there in the video. Am I missing something?

    4. Will look into that.

    5 years, 4 months ago #8764

    2. With our Yoast extension, you choose exactly what and how generate search urls permalinks. But also page meta title and description.
    Test our search (it uses the Yoast extension) https://www.wpsolr.com/wpsolr/search/s-yoast

    3. Wrong video indeed. Check out https://www.wpsolr.com/guide/video-tutorials-wpsolr-pro-extensions/video-wpsolr-pro-woocommerce-yoast-seo-twentysixteen-solrcloud/

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