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  • Denis Kelton
    5 years ago #8253

    our company has very huge woocommerce website. We has over 200, 000 products. sow product search is very slow.
    we are using ajax search. this plugin works very fast in our huge store too? If it can work very fast in our huge woocommerce store too, I will purchase this plugin

    5 years ago #8254

    You can find some use cases at Sites powered by WPOLR with millions of visits and documents. For instance, a WooCommerce retail with over 500K products.

    More generally, WPSOLR search is close to instantaneous (in ms), especially if you install Elasticsearch or Solr locally.

    Therefore, it is the time spent by your theme to display the results that will make the difference. To get a rough estimation, just measure the time your site takes to load an individual product details. It will be similar to your search total speed.

    But even more important, WPSOLR brings you scalability: it is not only fast for one visitor, but also for many concurrent visitors. This is not the case with other plugins that only improve MySQL search.

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