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    5 years, 6 months ago #7008

    I’m using Toolset Views to build all my clients sites. I currently have a project with one million posts to search into. I’ve setup a custom search view for the archive search page, with Ajax, and pagination.

    Can WPSOLR replace the WordPress SQL in Toolset Views ? Can the archive view also display the WPSOLR dynamic facets plugin ? Replace the sorts ? Can it cope with all the views filter types (including dates) ?

    I’m worried that after I had uploaded my million posts, the SQL views could be horribly slow. But on the other hand, I want to keep the Toolset Views flexibility!

    So, can WPSOLR bring both speed and flexibility to Toolset Views?

    5 years, 5 months ago #7188

    WPSOLR 21.0 was released today.

    It includes a new extension for Toolset Views – The Query Builder For WordPress.

    Keep 100% Archive Views features and flexibility (Ajax/Non Ajax, all archives types, all filters, pagination, all sorts), but powered by Solr or Elasticsearch.

    And a huge bonus: views work seamlessly with WPSOLR facets (filters) widget.


    Toolset Views extension activation


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