Tagging and Count mismatch issue

  • prakashreddy.imduri
    12 months ago #31138

    Hi, We have many products that are not tagged to parent category but directly tagged to children category. In this case, the wpsolr is only fetching count as per the tagging which is displayed in facets count, but while loading search results, even if parent isnt tagged in that product, its loading the results as children of that parent is tagged, which created counts issue. There are many posts like this, so editing them and tagging to parents isnt solution for us.
    Is there any code, which can be added to document_for_udpate, to give the count credit to parent if children is tagged, Can this be done while indexing ?

    12 months ago #31139

    With WPSOLR, taxonomy hierarchies show a facet count only to leaves (terms without children). Therefore, parents do not show facet counts. There is no way to change that behaviour.

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