Solr vs Elasticsearch ? Possible adjustments ?

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    5 years, 7 months ago #7768

    I’m interested in this plugin but I have 4 questions :

    1) I am confused, should I install elastic search or apache solr ? You have tutorials for both but I’m not a pro and I’m not sure which one to install.

    2) Is elasticsearch/apache solr supposed to be installed on the same server the original app is installed or a different one ?

    3) Does it support typo errors ?

    4) This is a very important feature I require. Will it be possible to manually adjust search results for some specific list of keywords to prioritise a certain result ? For example someone searches “whey flour” on my website, but I want Product X which I want to promote to be on the top spot. Will I be able to manually adjust that?

    5 years, 7 months ago #7777

    1) Solr is much simpler. Go for it.

    2) Both can be done. It should only be installed on a SSD disk anyway. You can also use some Solr hosting.

    3) Yes, with Solr stemming filters (already configured by WPSOLR for english)

    4) You could have your requirement, by just using WPSOLR standard features :

    (a) Setup WPSOLR
    – create a new custom field (or product attribute) named like “wpsolr_promote”
    – configure fields query boosts with a high boost value on attribute “wpsolr_promote” (so products with field “wpsolr_promote” matching the current search keywords will have a higher ranking, and should be shown first)

    (b) Setup your products
    – Set value “whey flour” to “wpsolr_promote” attribute for product X

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