Save my MyListing site with one million listings on Cloudways

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    I built during months a directory site, containing now more than a million listings. It is based on WordPress, setup with the MyListing theme. It is hosted on

    I have issues with the speed of my search pages (the “browse” pages): it can take 40 seconds to load those pages, and sometimes it ends with an infamous 401 error message. Also, the yoast sitemaps cannot be opened, hence my listings are not indexed by Google crawlers. Last but not least, the “Similar” listings widget cannot be shown at all (too slow): I had to remove it.

    Even worse, the home page with the MyListing search form is so slow to display that I had to build a custom home page without it!

    Can you help, and do you have experience on heavy sites like mine?

    3 years, 11 months ago #18437

    Yes, we have plenty of experience of that matter.

    We are using, and our customers are using, Cloudways to host their WordPress with Elasticsearch and WPSOLR (Elasticsearch is a given service on Cloudways!).

    We also built a MyListing add-on inside WPSOLR. It is specifically built to tackle your problems: slow Ajax explore pages, slow form filters (on home page and explore pages), broken Yoast sitemaps and similar listings widget.

    WPSOLR is also tested on Cloudways Elasticsearch.

    Let’s talk privately about that…

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