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    Download WPSOLR 22.0 >>

    * Required! PHP 7.2

    * New Google Natural Language API add-on: Natural Language uses machine learning to reveal the structure and meaning of text. You can extract information about people, places, and events, and better understand social media sentiment and customer conversations. Natural Language enables you to analyze text and also integrate it with your document storage on Cloud Storage.

    * New Amazon Comprehend API add-on: Amazon Comprehend uses natural language processing (NLP) to extract insights about the content of documents without the need of any special preprocessing. Amazon Comprehend processes any text files in UTF-8 format. It develops insights by recognizing the entities, key phrases, language, sentiments, and other common elements in a document.

    * New MeaningCloud API add-on: Topics Extraction is MeaningCloud’s solution for extracting the different elements present in sources of information. This detection process is carried out by combining a number of complex natural language processing techniques that allow to obtain morphological, syntactic and semantic analyses of a text and use them to identify different types of significant elements.

    * New Aylien Text Analysis API add-on: Documents often contain mentions of entities such as people, places, products and organizations, which we collectively call Named Entities. Additionally they may also contain specific values or items such as links, telephone numbers, email addresses, currency amounts and percentages. To extract these entities and values from a piece of text, as well as the keywords, you can use the Entity Extraction endpoint.

    * New Qwam Text Analytics API add-on: Please email your request to A sales representative will contact you to evaluate your needs and provide you a pricing. You will be given an IP controlled endpoint to add to your configuration. A comprehensive study can be provided to consider special requests needing customization.

    * Fix indexing error with PHP > 7.4.1.

    * Fix WooCommerce 4.4.1 showing no products in results (shop and search)

    * WooCommerce stocks: if no stocks, do not show products in results and variation attributes in facets.

    * MyListing speed improvements: 1 million listings site live: (with Elasticsearch on

    * MyListing 2.4.3 fix: (previous version tested with success was MyListing 2.3.1): change of lat/long internal parameter names caused all sorts of problems.

    * MyListing 2.3.1 fixes: (previous version tested with success was MyListing 2.1.7): pagination, distance sort, date filter.

    * Yoast: Replace sitemaps queries with Elasticsearch cursors

    * Fix facet taxonomies not showing children taxonomies

    * Fix category archive’s facet category showing all the parents (should show only the selected category’s children)

    * Fix Yoast SEO extension showing permalinks on all archives. Only search permalinks are shown now

    * Enable custom complex filters

    * Enable custom taxonomy archives

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