Real time indexing issue

  • sraggio
    4 years, 5 months ago #13925

    Our woocommerce site does not appear to be real-time indexing when products change. The “stop real-time indexing” box in tab 2.2 is NOT checked. But changes seem to pile up in tab 3, “send your data” — for example, “XX Products not indexed yet…” That number just seems to increase until I manually hit the “index selected posts…” button in tab 3.

    Is reindexing triggered by wp-cron? Do we need to do something (e.g., set up the cron scheduling extension) to make this work?

    4 years, 5 months ago #13929

    The real-time indexing is working indeed.

    What you see in tab 3. is a safety mechanism that marks all modified data as “to be reindexed”.
    So, if the search engine is not available (down, network, …) during real-time indexing, the modified data will be indexed anyway by batch or cron later on.

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