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    How can we get the best speed in keyword suggestions.

    I have made a testserver on cloudways, upgraded from 4 to 8 core server.
    Cloudways elasticsearch
    The suggestions are not really faster.

    When is see this showcase
    the suggestions are really snappy.
    Thats what we all like.

    Please tell us how to do this.
    Is this even possible with woocommerce/wpsolr keyword suggestions.
    What is the secret.

    Is there anywhere some info how or where to start.
    Do you have a demo site of your own so that we have a clear idea what speed normal is.
    Or the steps to take ?
    I know that is depends on server settings etc.
    But you got to give some starting definition.

    I see in the showcases a lot of different results in keyword suggestion speed.

    Please make it clear. A real wpsolr demo site would be appreciated.

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    Try to contact them. Sometimes people are happy to share.

    But I can tell you already that WPSOLR is as fast as your site is. If loading a single page is very fast, the search will be very fast also. If not, WPSOLR will be as sloppy. Because the time to search, or suggest with Ajax, is mostly spent in the standard WordPress loop of your theme. Not in WPSOLR.
    With a local Elasticsearch on Cloudways, a search query takes 1-10 ms to WPSOLR.

    You mentioned, but you can notice that loading one product page is around 400ms. Quite fast for WordPress.
    For your site, a products is loaded in 3500 ms (for me at least). 7-8 times longer.
    If you’re looking for a starting point to get faster, you should investigate there. There are plenty of tutorials on how too increase WP load time. Or even consultants.

    Concerning the demo, you are right. But for a demo to be effective, it needs a lot of data. And loading up to a million products in WooCommerce is an art. It requires real data (fake data is simply repelling visitors), lots of time also.

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    Ok it’s a starting point, as the developer of the plugin i think its required to have a demo site yourself. Maybe something for the future. Think your clients wil like this detailed config info as starting point.

    I tested a product page with pingdom (not the category).
    My page loads faster than bladmuziek.


    I understand i can aks them how they did it.
    But i think your as the developer should help also.
    Im thinking you know all these details, tests.
    Input from other clients.
    You could do something with it to help us as the users of your product 😉
    How to get the best performance speed. We all need it.
    I know that we can compare to magento, but these slow results i never have seen on a Magento/Elastic configuration. Shop visitors need fast search results. I think it should be the main topic of the forum.

    I see you offer a free setup for new clients.
    Can you help offer me something in that direction.

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    edit “can’t compare to Magento”

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