Initial index creation/connection issue

  • sraggio
    4 years, 8 months ago #13693

    We have Solr installed on our server, and have tried several times to create/connect to an index. After following the steps to download and unzip config files, this error:

    We could not join your Solr server. Your Solr path could be malformed, or your Solr server down (Solr code 404)
    Solr HTTP error: OK (404)
    HTTP ERROR 404
    Problem accessing /var/solr/data/newbroindex/admin/ping. Reason:
    Not Found

    In your guide it says this error is typically a path error. The path we’re using is /var/solr/data/newbroindex
    Looking in that newbroindex folder I see a conf folder, but no admin folder.

    Submitting again with the same info, I get this error:
    This index name already exist.

    Any idea why we’re unable to successfully create a new index, or connect to an existing one?

    4 years, 8 months ago #13694

    Your Solr path should be “/solr/myindexname”

    You can see more details on the video:

    Video – Create an Apache Solr index semi-automatically

    4 years, 8 months ago #13695

    Thanks, that solved it!

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