I need some help with wpsolr plugin.

  • senthilraja570
    1 year, 8 months ago #27841

    I would like to talk private. I purchased this plugin.

    1 year, 8 months ago #27846

    What is it about?

    1 year, 8 months ago #27849

    1) Search boosting

    Right now, people at AEI are upset that if you google an author’s name the author profile page doesn’t come up first. So if you search on the site “Robert Doar”:


    You get all stuff he has written come up. That’s fine, but they want the very first item to be the author content type, so this is the first time if there is an author match:

    I can get you a list of this if that makes it easier: https://www.aei.org/profile/robert-doar/

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