Hierarchical category filters hidden with wpsolr_hide by default

  • khirasaki
    3 years, 7 months ago #21354

    I have just set up wpsolar to index a list of articles I have on my site. A key part of this is being able to filter based on the hierarchy of categories the article belongs to.

    If I turn off the “Show the hierarchy” option in configuration section 2.4 Filter, the hierarchical categories become serialized into a list and all get displayed.

    However, if I turn on “Show the hierarchy,” only the top-level categories are displayed, and I have no mechanism for displaying the sub-categories. Looking at the html, I do see that they are there as li elements, but the property wpsolr_hide sets them to display: none.

    I am using a custom theme that’s not the Directory+ theme (that’s not going to work for my purposes). Is this the reason that a UI widget to expand the hierarchy is not present?

    I don’t actually want the hierarchy to require expansion, I would rather it always be expanded. It’s possible I can achieve this by overriding the wpsolr_hide rule, but this seems weird.

    I may end up breaking up my categories into separate facets, in which case this could become a moot issue for me. However, I’m still confused as to why I’m not able to disclose the child nodes in the filter hierarchy. Thanks for your help!

    Page to test:

    Curated Article Library

    View of page with only top-level hierarchy accessible, but lower-level hierarchy there, just hidden:

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    Hierarchies are part of the advanced facets layouts, that are activated in the add-on “Theme”:

    Collapse taxonomy hierarchies

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