Elasticsearch or Apache Solr on WPEngine

  • pseudo visitor
    5 years ago #6767

    We are ready to use the WPSOLR plugin on our WPEngine WordPress website, but WPSOLR requires to install Elasticsearch or Apache Solr.

    So can you please do let me know how to install Elasticsearch or Apache Solr on our WPEngine account and send me the procedure and please explain a bit more. It will helpful for us.

    Else we need to go with an external Elasticsearch or Apache Solr hosting. But how to get the host ?

    If hosting is contained in one package, please let me know the price details.

    5 years ago #6768

    You can follow either of the solutions below:

    – Use an external Solr/Elasticsearch hosting provider:

    – WPEngine Elasticsearch tutorial to install Elasticsearch:

    Setting up Elasticpress with Elastic.co

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