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    I am wondering if ‘dynamic faceting’ might be able to be implemented with my woocommerce catalog. Products have attributes saved as custom (not global) attributes. The idea is that for product categories, the dynamic faceting could avoid the need for hundreds of manual facet creation. Code and discussion here: https://www.algolia.com/blog/engineering/implementing-faceted-search-with-dynamic-faceting-with-code/

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    Can you explain simply what it is about?

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    Sure. for catalogs with many categories, you might want to have different search facets for different types of products. For instance, with televisions, you could have a facet for screen size. However for speakers, that facet makes no sense, and you might want a facet for maximum wattage.

    The idea that I am asking about is a method to dynamically identify and create these different facets by common attributes in a category. For a catalog with thousands of different categories, manual facet creation is potentially too much effort. The link I supplied demonstrates how dynamic facet creation might be implemented with algolia.

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    WPSOLR implements dynamic faceting by default: each product category will show only relevant attributes.

    But we only use product global attributes, not custom attributes.

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