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    I tested wpsolr some years ago and noticed the setup documentation wasn’t very helpful. So I wrote a guide here.

    Now I want to use the plugin for a project, so I bought it, but I’m finding the documentation still lacking, among other things the actions and filters guide. Search in the plugin (we eat our own dog food)… really? That code is great as an EXTRA example… the guide itself should have simple code samples, params used, etc. for better understanding of the hooks… perhaps something like this.

    Make the software more accessible to developers, so they’ll be more inclined to use it in their projects = more sales???

    Anyway, I only intended to say hello, but thought I’d mention documentation. I ‘ll be asking other questions later.

    Also, I’m curious why exactly the plugin was removed from


    4 years, 12 months ago #12305


    Thanks for the feedback.

    Concerning the hooks, I decided years ago to remove the examples and refer to the code because the code is tested. Unlike the documentation that often stays the same for years, as frozen in time, and does not follow code updates.

    But starting from next release, the plugin will contain a folder with code examples. The examples will be easy to install and modify (each one being a child theme), self contained, tested within the plugin’s Selenium tests, and documented line by line. The first example is about building a custom twig template to display suggestions (autocomplete).

    Concerning, it became obvious that WPSOLR was too complex for a free plugin. People were frustrated that they could not install Solr/Elasticsearch, and create an index, and tune tens of parameters, in 30 seconds flat.

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