Do you offer a service to set up Woocommerce and Solr

  • www89ee
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    we have a big e-shop in multiple languages that we want to speed up. We are thinking to use Solr for this. Can we buy a setup from you?

    Is there an e-mail we can reach you to send the site and admin details for you to check if Solr would produce any good results.


    6 months, 3 weeks ago #33252

    Thanks for contacting us.

    We sent you a meeting invite E-mail to discuss your requirements.

    6 months, 3 weeks ago #33254

    I am in the meeting.

    6 months, 3 weeks ago #33255

    Please notice that our setup pricing can be found on the pricing page

    For a site in English, with an automatic live translation (GDTranslate), a keyword search with Solr, Elasticsearch, OpenSearch, or Algolia, would not be possible. Especially if you need to reach more countries and languages.

    You would rather use a vector search like Weaviate, which was successful for WooCommerce clients in a context of multi-lingual queries for a mono-language WordPress.

    The vector search will also bring semantic search and automatic check-spelling, with faceting, in 100+ languages.

    The vector search and keyword search will be equally fast and scalable. But the overall speed will depend on WordPress mostly: a fast search with a slow WordPress will remain slow, but the search will use less server resources even in periods of high traffic.

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