Corrupted license after cloning a staging environment

  • pseudo visitor
    # 1 month ago

    I activated my staging site on my license code a while ago.

    I cloned the staging into production, and changed the site and home urls in the database.

    But now the plugin shows a “corrupted license” message. Why is that ? and can you help me ?

    # 1 month ago

    A WPSOLR  license is linked to a site url.

    If you clone a site, the license is cloned too. But it does not recognise the site url anymore, hence the infamous “corrupted data” error message:
    Corrupted license error message

    To fix the error, you just have to:

    1) Deactivate your cloned license

    Deactivate the license


    2) Refresh your screen (F5)


    3) Activate your cloned license

    Activate the license


    License is activated

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