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    my problem is that when you visit the Fashion > Men > Clothing category
    you can see that there are also items from Women and Kids.
    And after trying to figure out why this is happening, I found that it is because the taxonomies have the same names for example:
    Fashion > Men > Clothing
    Fashion > Women > Clothing
    Fashion > Kids > Clothing
    you can see all the last-level categories have the same names so whenever we visit any, we see the search results of all.

    How can we solve this, please advise.

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    Category names must be unique indeed.

    You could rename your categories as “Clothing men”.
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    Is there any solution other than renaming the taxonomy to bypass this for example to use actions and filters as we don’t want to display irrelevant text on the website, as it does not make sense to show “Men Clothing” when I am on the Men Page, I just need to show “Clothing”

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    1 month, 3 weeks ago #32924

    Thank you,
    when it is expected to be released?

    1 month, 3 weeks ago #32925

    Not soon. This will require a deep refactoring of WPSOLR.

    3 weeks, 1 day ago #33236

    Here is a pre-release containing a fix for facet categories matching duplicate names:

    Please remove your current WPSOLR, and install this pre-release instead. It will be part of WPSOLR 23.1

    (requires to reindex all you data)

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