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Feature highlight : Autocompletion (Ajax search)

Screenshot of Ajax search autocompletion using WPSolr

Table of contents :

In the modern digital landscape, websites are expected to be highly responsive, providing immediate feedback to users. WPSolr can make that happen by adding autocompletion to your WordPress websites.


How does autocompletion work


Example of WPSolr Ajax live search set to autocomplete


As users type, WPSolr autocompletes in real-time, displaying potential queries beneath the search bar. Clicking on these suggestions triggers the corresponding query.


Add autocompletion to your WordPress or Woocommerce website


You can add autompletion to your WordPress or Woocommerce website using WPSolr, a search & recommendations plugin.


You can check out our Ajax search documentation.


WPsolr autocompletion works with our compatible search engines : Apache Solr, Elasticsearch, Opensearch, Algolia, Weaviate, etc…

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