WPSOLR is certified “WPML-Ready”

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Image wpsolr-wpml-certificate-1.png of WPSOLR is certified
WPSOLR “WPML-Ready” certification

WPSOLR plugin is now officially compatible with WPML!

We are joining more than 2000 authors whose products are WPML-Ready and are helping WPML power nearly 1 million WordPress sites!

Marketing actions

WPSOLR was added to WPML plugins compatibility list with our logo and a link to our site. WPML will also share on their social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) on Dec 5. So, stay tuned!

We have added WPML logo and compatibility certificate to our product features page, with links to WPML site (wpml.org). Also, this info was shared on our blog and WPSOLR Facebook page.

Multilingual demo

We will also create a multilingual demo site that showcases the compatibility with WPML. This is proof to potential clients that WPSOLR and WPML products work flawlessly together.



Additionally, this post will be sent to our next newsletter with the above links to a documentation that explains how to translate WPSOLR texts using WPML.

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