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Table of contents :

What are the four stages of search?

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Table of contents :

– Classical search –
Anything around BM25 statistical scoring. Including #elasticsearch , Apache #solrAlgolia, and WPSOLR https://www.wpsolr.com.

– Classical search AI augmented –
Still the classical engines, but with a pre-indexing phase to extract some semantic features. Including WPSOLR https://www.wpsolr.com/guide/configuration-step-by-step-schematic/activate-extensions/extension-nlp/

– Vector search pre-trained –
This includes all vector databases like SeMI Technologies Weaviate, Pinecone, Vespa, Qdrant, with a pre-trained LLM vectorizer. See https://www.wpsolr.com/guide/configuration-step-by-step-schematic/configure-your-indexes/create-weaviate-index/

– Vector search fine-tuned –
This includes all vector databases mentioned earlier, but with a fine-tuned LLM vectorizer.
None of them come with an automatic pipeline to fine-tune the model.
Or perhaps Google Retail search API https://www.wpsolr.com/guide/configuration-step-by-step-schematic/configure-your-indexes/create-a-google-retail-index/

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