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Table of contents :

New Weaviate ImageBind module


Table of contents :

OpenAI CLIP text|image model was a dream 🦄
But Meta Facebook ImageBind text|image|video|audio model is nuts 🚀

— Warning —
Non commercial license for ImageBind:

Weaviate 1.21 brings delivers another bombshell, with this new module that brings on-the-shelf 7-modality vector search:
– text
– images
– videos
– audio
– inertial measurement unit (IMU, i.e. accelerometer and gyroscope data)
– single channel depth images
– single channel thermal images.

Yes, you can send any text, image, video, or audio to retrieve any text, image, video or audio. Crazy, hum?

Weaviate ImageBind module: https://lnkd.in/duPJ3i7B

Demo of WooCommerce + Weaviate + ImageBind: … just kidding…. (please wait a day or two 😍)

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