How Weaviate can be used to enhance personalized recommendations

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Personalized recommendations have become an integral part of the digital experience, whether it is for e-commerce platforms, music streaming services, or social media platforms. These recommendations help users discover new products, services, or content that aligns with their interests and preferences. Weaviate, an open-source vector search engine, offers a powerful solution to enhance personalized recommendations by leveraging its semantic search capabilities. In this post, we will explore how Weaviate can be used and integrated to provide personalized recommendations. Additionally, we will discuss how WPSOLR can complement Weaviate and further improve the recommendation engine.


Enhancing Recommendations with Weaviate

Weaviate is a vector search engine powered by machine learning, which enables semantic search and knowledge graph integration. By indexing and organizing data into vectors, Weaviate can understand the relationships between different data points. This understanding allows Weaviate to provide highly relevant recommendations based on user preferences.

To enhance personalized recommendations with Weaviate, the first step is to index and organize the relevant data. This can be done using Weaviate’s RESTful API or its PHP client library. Let’s take a look at an pseudo-example using the PHP client library:

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Weaviate\Client\WeaviateClientException;
use Weaviate\Client\WeaviateClientReadOnlyException;
use Weaviate\Client\WeaviateClientSchemaValidationException;
use Weaviate\Client\WeaviateClientUnauthorizedException;
use Weaviate\Exception\WeaviateBadRequestException;
use Weaviate\Exception\WeaviateException;
use Weaviate\Model\GraphQlQueriesGraphqlQuery;
use Weaviate\Model\GraphQlQueriesGraphqlQueryFieldsActions\Path;
use Weaviate\Model\GraphQlQueriesGraphqlQueryParams;
use Weaviate\Model\GraphQlQueriesPostResponse;
use Weaviate\Model\GraphQlQueriesPostResponseResult;

$client = new \Weaviate\Client\Client();

try {
    $query = new GraphQlQueriesGraphqlQuery();
    $query->setQuery('{Recommendations {title}}');

    $response = $client->graphqlQueries()->graphqlQueriesPost($query);

    if ($response instanceof GraphQlQueriesPostResponse) {
        /** @var GraphQlQueriesPostResponseResult $result */
        $result = $response->getResult();
        echo "Recommendations: ";
        foreach ($result->getRecommendations() as $recommendation) {
            echo $recommendation->getTitle() . ", ";

} catch (WeaviateClientException | WeaviateException | WeaviateBadRequestException | WeaviateClientReadOnlyException | WeaviateClientSchemaValidationException | WeaviateClientUnauthorizedException $e) {
    echo $e->getMessage();

In this code snippet, we authenticate to the Weaviate server using the client library and define a GraphQL query to retrieve recommendations. The response contains a list of recommended items, which can be further processed and displayed to the user.


Leveraging WPSOLR for Enhanced Recommendations

While Weaviate offers powerful semantic search capabilities, it can benefit from integration with other tools to further enhance its recommendation engine. WPSOLR, a WordPress plugin, can complement Weaviate by providing advanced search and filtering options, improving the overall user experience.

WPSOLR allows you to index content from various sources, including WordPress posts, custom post types, WooCommerce products, and more. By integrating WPSOLR with Weaviate, you can leverage the advanced indexing and search capabilities of WPSOLR to provide more granular personalized recommendations.

For example, you can use WPSOLR to index user behavior, such as viewed products, search queries, or purchase history. This data can be combined with the Weaviate index to generate recommendations based on a user’s specific interactions and preferences. Additionally, WPSOLR’s advanced filtering options can be utilized to narrow down recommendations based on specific criteria, such as price range, category, or user ratings.



Personalized recommendations have become a key driver of user engagement and satisfaction in various digital platforms. Weaviate, with its semantic search capabilities, offers a powerful solution to enhance personalized recommendations by understanding the relationships between different data points. By integrating Weaviate with WPSOLR, you can further improve the recommendation engine by leveraging advanced search and filtering options. Whether you’re building an e-commerce platform, music streaming service, or social media app, incorporating Weaviate and WPSOLR can take your personalized recommendations to the next level.

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