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How to speed up your WooCommerce search with Apache Solr


Table of contents :


Apache Solr is a popular search platform used by many websites to enhance their search functionality. If you are running a WooCommerce store, you may have noticed that the default search functionality may not be as fast or accurate as you would like it to be. In this post, we will explore how you can speed up your WooCommerce search using Apache Solr.

Setting up Apache Solr

Before we dive into the implementation details, you will need to set up Apache Solr on your server. Here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Download and install Apache Solr on your server.
2. Create a new Solr core specifically for your WooCommerce search.
3. Configure the Solr core by defining the schema.xml file to match your WooCommerce product data.
4. Index your WooCommerce products into Solr using the DataImportHandler or any other method of your choice.

Once you have Apache Solr up and running with your WooCommerce product data indexed, we can move on to integrating it into your WooCommerce search.

Integrating Apache Solr with WooCommerce

To integrate Apache Solr with WooCommerce, we will need to modify the default search functionality to communicate with Solr instead of the default search engine. Here is a sample code snippet using the PHP client for Solr embedded in HTML tags:

// Replace these variables with your actual Solr server details
$solrServerUrl = 'https://localhost:8080/solr/';
$coreName = 'woocommerce';
// Create a new Solr service instance
$solr = new Apache_Solr_Service($solrServerUrl . $coreName);
// Perform the search
$query = 'your search query';
$results = $solr->search($query);
// Retrieve the search results
if ($results->getHttpStatus() == 200) {
$totalResults = $results->response->numFound;
foreach ($results->response->docs as $doc) {
 // Process and display each search result
 echo $doc->title;
 echo $doc->description;
} else {
 // Handle the search error
 echo 'Search failed: ' . $results->getHttpStatusMessage();

This code snippet demonstrates how you can connect to your Solr server, perform a search query, and retrieve the search results. You will need to replace the variables $solrServerUrl and $coreName with your actual Solr server details.

How WPSOLR can help

While the above code snippet provides a basic integration of Apache Solr with WooCommerce, it can be quite time-consuming to set up and maintain. This is where WPSOLR comes in.
WPSOLR is a powerful plugin that simplifies the integration of Apache Solr with WordPress websites, including WooCommerce stores. It provides an intuitive user interface to configure your Solr server settings, index your data, and customize search functionalities.
With WPSOLR, you can easily set up and manage your Solr server without dealing with complex code. The plugin also offers advanced features such as faceted search, autocomplete suggestions, and relevancy tuning, which can greatly enhance the search experience for your WooCommerce customers.


By integrating Apache Solr with WooCommerce, you can significantly improve the speed and accuracy of your search functionality. With the help of the provided PHP code snippet and the WPSOLR plugin, you can set up and manage your Solr server without much hassle. Give it a try and see the difference it makes in your WooCommerce store’s search performance.

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