How Ivory Search works compared to the Default WordPress search?

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In the vast landscape of WordPress plugins, Ivory Search shines as a powerful search plugin that enhances the default search functionality of WordPress websites.

This plugin provides an array of features and technical capabilities to improve search results, ensuring visitors find relevant content quickly and effortlessly.

In this article, we will explore how Ivory Search surpasses the default WordPress search, delve into its technical details, highlight popular websites utilizing the plugin, examine its standout features and areas for improvement, and discuss its overall performance.


How Ivory Search Helps Compared to the Default WordPress Search

The default search functionality in WordPress can be limited, often yielding irrelevant or incomplete results. However, Ivory Search fills this gap by offering advanced search options and customization possibilities. With Ivory Search, website owners can extend the search capability to specific post types, custom fields, taxonomies, and even external sources, allowing users to access a broader range of content.


Technical Details of the Plugin

Under the hood, Ivory Search employs sophisticated indexing techniques to optimize search performance. It utilizes indexing mechanisms to store and retrieve information efficiently, ensuring rapid search queries. Additionally, the plugin incorporates natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to enhance search relevance. This enables it to understand user intent, synonyms, and contextual meaning, resulting in more accurate search results.


Websites Using Ivory Search

Ivory Search has gained significant popularity and is being utilized by numerous websites across diverse industries. Prominent blogs, e-commerce platforms, corporate websites, and educational portals have implemented Ivory Search to improve their search functionality.


10 Best Features of Ivory Search

1. Customizable Search Forms: Ivory Search allows users to design and personalize search forms to seamlessly integrate with their website’s aesthetics.
2. Advanced Search Filters: The plugin offers an extensive array of filters, enabling users to refine search results based on categories, tags, post types, and more.
3. Search Custom Fields: Ivory Search enables the inclusion of custom fields in search queries, providing more comprehensive results.
4. Indexing External Sources: It allows indexing of external sources like PDFs, documents, and other file formats, expanding search capabilities beyond the website’s content.
5. Synonym Support: Users can define synonyms for specific terms, ensuring search results account for related words and phrases.
6. Search Redirects: Ivory Search facilitates redirecting search queries to specific pages or custom URLs, guiding users to relevant content directly.
7. WooCommerce Integration: The plugin seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, enabling enhanced search functionality for online stores.
8. Search Statistics: Ivory Search provides detailed statistics and insights into search queries, helping website owners analyze user behavior.
9. Multilingual Support: The plugin supports multilingual websites, allowing users to search in their preferred language.
10. Compatibility: Ivory Search is compatible with popular page builders, themes, and other plugins, ensuring smooth integration with existing setups.


10 Missing Features

1. Real-time Search Suggestions: Ivory Search lacks the ability to provide suggestions as users type, a feature that can improve the search experience.
2. Image-based Search: Currently, the plugin does not support image-based search, which can be valuable for certain types of websites.
3. Voice Search: Voice search functionality, which is gaining popularity, is not included in Ivory Search.
4. Autocomplete for Search Filters: Autocomplete for search filters would enable users to select options more quickly and accurately.
5. Hierarchical Search Results: The plugin does not offer hierarchical search results, which can be helpful for websites with complex content structures.
6. AI-Powered Ranking: Ivory Search does not utilize artificial intelligence algorithms for ranking search results.
7. Customizable Error Messages: Currently, users cannot customize the error messages that appear when no search results are found.
8. Search Result Previews: The plugin lacks the ability to display snippets or previews of search results, making it harder for users to assess relevance.
9. Indexing Media Attachments: Ivory Search does not include the option to index and search within media attachments like images or videos.
10. Front-end Configuration: Although the plugin provides extensive customization options, some users may find it more convenient to configure settings directly on the front-end.


Performance Issues

In terms of performance, Ivory Search generally performs admirably. However, large websites with extensive content may experience slower indexing times due to the plugin’s indexing mechanisms. Additionally, complex search queries involving multiple filters or external sources can sometimes result in slightly slower search response times. Nonetheless, these issues are relatively minor and do not significantly impact the overall usability and effectiveness of the plugin.



Ivory Search is a versatile and feature-rich search plugin that significantly enhances the default search functionality of WordPress websites. With its advanced indexing mechanisms, NLP capabilities, and extensive customization options, Ivory Search empowers website owners to deliver highly relevant search results to their visitors. While it offers a multitude of impressive features, there are areas where it could further improve, such as real-time search suggestions and image-based search support. Nonetheless, Ivory Search remains a top choice for those seeking to optimize their WordPress search experience, with numerous websites benefiting from its powerful capabilities.

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