Hot news: WPSOLR is investigating Metarank Labs as its first re-ranking / personalization / recommendations engine

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** Why Metarank ? **
– Their great presentation at Berlin Buzzwords:
– Recommendations, personalization, and re-ranking
– Modern with ML models like cross-encoders
– Plenty of algorithms ready-to-use
– Open-source
– Well documented
– Can work with or without user signals
– Self-hosted, which is great for privacy
– Production ready on Kubernetes with Redis
– REST API and real-time integrations to send data
– Automatic model retraining
– Already works with Opensearch

** Benefits for WPSOLR users **
We can make Metarank work with all the search engine already integrated in WPSOLR.
Metarank could therefore, with a single setup, re-rank/personalize search results for Elasticsearch, Opensearch, Apache Solr, Google Retail, and Weaviate.

Metarank live demo:

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