Elasticsearch indexing in WooCommerce

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Elasticsearch is an open-source full-text search engine that is widely used in e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce. Elasticsearch indexing is the process of adding and updating data (product, customer, order) into Elasticsearch, allowing users to quickly and accurately search for the content they need.

This blog post will explore how Elasticsearch indexing works in WooCommerce, along with some PHP client code examples. Additionally, we will discuss how WPSOLR can help enhance WooCommerce’s search capabilities by providing a fast and efficient search engine.

Elasticsearch Indexing in WooCommerce

WooCommerce allows you to create a custom Elasticsearch index to store and search your data. By default, WooCommerce indexes products, orders, and customers, However, you can add other custom post types or taxonomy to your index.

When items in WooCommerce are updated or created, the Elasticsearch plugin ships changes in real-time to Elasticsearch. However, WooCommerce does not provide a built-in way to bulk import products or customers into Elasticsearch after they are created.

To add data into Elasticsearch index manually, you can use Elasticsearch PHP client. Below is an example of how to create an Elasticsearch document and add it to an index using the Elasticsearch PHP client.

In this example, we create an Elasticsearch document with a title and content field, then add it to the ‘my_index’ index using the ‘index’ method. You can modify this code to index WooCommerce products or customers according to your requirements.

How WPSOLR Can Help

While WooCommerce uses Elasticsearch to search for products, orders, and customers, its built-in search capabilities can be limited. However, integrating WPSOLR with Elasticsearch can help enhance the search experience for your customers, and makes it easier for you to manage the search process.

WPSOLR is a WordPress plugin that helps you improve the search functionality of your e-commerce website powered by WooCommerce. It has many features that allow you to customize your search, such as the ability to include custom fields, categories, and taxonomies in your search.

By integrating Elasticsearch with WPSOLR, you can search for products, orders, and customers dynamically and provide faster and more accurate search results. Instead of creating Elasticsearch code manually, you can create an index and start indexing your data automatically using WPSOLR’s import feature.

Additionally, WPSOLR provides advanced search features like faceted search, geo-search, and thesaurus to help customers search more effectively. It also provides detailed search analytics to help you refine your search results continuously.


Elasticsearch indexing is an essential process in WooCommerce that helps customers search for products, orders, and customers more efficiently. In this blog post, we discussed how Elasticsearch indexing works in WooCommerce and provided some PHP client code examples. We also introduced WPSOLR, a search engine plugin that can help you enhance the search experience of your WooCommerce website. With WPSOLR, you can easily create an Elasticsearch index, and index data dynamically, without writing one line of code. Additionally, WPSOLR provides advanced search features to help you improve the search results and provide details search analytics for further tuning.

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