Elastic vector search’s faceting and embedding capabilities looks perfect for WooCommerce small businesses, with a tiny catch…

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My 5 cents feeling from https://lnkd.in/ekvimz4k:

1. 😀 E-Commerce search is all about faceting. And vector search is no exception.
“A rich framework of filtering and faceting capabilities that Elasticsearch developers rely on, available for vector search.”

2. 😀 Most small businesses cannot afford to spend time and money on building external integrations to produce embeddings.
“Capture meaning, context, and associations of data in dense vectors, with flexibility of picking embedding models. Run machine learning inference as you index data.”

3. 😥 The catch is that the embeddings generation is not free !! You have to buy a license or pay for a cloud hosting subscription
“Generate embeddings: full support (paid)”

The licensing for embeddings is what prevented WPSOLR from integrating Elasticsearch vector search: it is difficult to understand if small businesses would agree to pay for it.

WPSOLR + Elasticsearch (without vector search): https://wpsolr.com
or WPSOLR with vector search, facets, and free embeddings: https://wpsolr.com

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