Can the Vespa engine be used for WooCommerce search?

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The answer is yes, of course. It has all the features required for an e-commerce search, inverted index and vectors included.

But being so flexible in architecture and features with configuration files, CLIs and APIs, can Vespa be adapted to a WooCommerce or WordPress plugin?

For a small to medium e-commerce site, a search plugin must provide great features, without too many headaches.

We cannot ask a site owner or a small agency to master tens to hundreds of concepts.

Can we make most of Vespa’s concepts invisible enough, without loosing too much flexibility and power?

This is what we are currently investigating: how Vespa’s architecture can be simplified to match the same features already integrated in our search plugin, with #elasticsearch or Weaviate, like: filter, facets, sort, analysers, vectorizers, vector similarity.

To follow the current integrations to WPSOLR (with Vespa in the future?):

#wpsolr #vectorsearch #bm25

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