Can I see the backend of one of your search demos?

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In short: of course you can. Just ask in PM, and I’ll send you a link to schedule your personal Zoom presentation.

If you ask yourself any of these questions, you are in for a treat:
– What does a Kubernetes Weaviate / cluster look like?
– How to create and use tokens for CohereOpenAIHugging Face, Palm2 APIs?
– Which hosting for Elasticsearch, Apache Solr should I use?
– How to configure several indices for A/B tests?
– My site is in French, Italian, Chinese, … what are my options and for which search engines?
– Can I quickly test in my own WordPress / WooCommerce?
– (and many more)

Front-end demos:

Back-end demos (or your own site): ask in PM what you’d like to see…

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