Avada vs Enfold

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If you are reading this then you must be looking for the perfect WordPress theme to use on your website and are yet to decide whether to go with the Avada or Enfold WordPress theme. This is quite understandable as it is a daunting task choosing the right WordPress template. Both themes are so powerful and well-built that at first glance they almost look identical in both presentation and functionality.

So, how do you choose?

Avada vs Enfold

We aim to help you decide by breaking down the primary aspects that make a quality theme and finding out which theme is right for your needs.

100,000 products with Avada vs Enfold?

Why not compare both themes in the most extreme situation, with tens of thousands of products?

We installed both Enfold and Avada on a 100 thousand products WooCommerce demo, on Cloudways.

You can find the demo link for Avada and ask questions on our forum topic 100 thousand products demo for Avada and Elasticsearch on Cloudways.

You can find the demo link for Enfold and ask questions on our forum topic 100 thousand products demo for Enfold and Elasticsearch on Cloudways.


Avada WordPress Theme Overview

Avada by ThemeFusion is undoubtedly the #1 selling WordPress theme on ThemeForest with over 445.9K sales at the time of writing this article. It is a versatile, easy to use multi-purpose WordPress theme that is truly one of a kind with several customization options that give you the ability to build virtually any design style.

The Avada WordPress theme comes with a unique page builder, over 30 pre-made website designs, 200 pre-made page layouts, great customer support, and free updates.

Enfold WordPress Theme Overview

The Enfold responsive multi-purpose WordPress theme by Kriesi is a clean, super flexible and fully responsive WordPress Theme. Making it perfect for businesses, online stores, and individuals looking to showcase their projects on a neat portfolio site.

Enfold comes with a myriad of options and a backend panel that allows you to modify layout, styling, and colors. You can choose from 18 predefined templates and customize them using the dynamic template builder.

Comparison Table

We’ve summarized the important factors in the table below for you

Image Avada-vs-Enfold-Tab.jpeg of Avada vs Enfold


A full-page test with Pingdom Tools shows that the Avada webpage took 3.98s to load, with 133 requests, and weighed 2.8 MB while the Google Page Speed performance grade was 95/100.


Image Avada-vs-Enfold-Picture-2.jpeg of Avada vs Enfold


The Enfold web page took 2.45s to load, with 93 requests, and weighed 1.2 MB while the Google Page Speed performance grade was 96/100. This shows that the Enfold theme loads faster, and weighs less than Avada.

Design elements

Both themes have been around for more than 5 years and come with truly versatile and flexible custom page builders that allow users to build beautiful responsive layouts. These custom page builders contain dozens of pre-made drag and drop elements, such as widgets, sliders, buttons, etc…

Avada currently offers 55 custom elements while Enfold offers 47, but both themes are continuously updating their portfolios and the figures might change in the future. Both themes also offer 27 demos that can be easily installed with a single click as a ready-made website template to work from.


Avada is undoubtedly the more popular theme with over three times the sales of Enfold. However, Enfold has a slightly higher average rating among the two themes, standing at 4.84 as opposed to Avada’s 4.77.


Both themes can boast of top-notch support with teams of experts ready to lend a helping hand and answer user questions. Avada and Enfold both come with extensive manuals, video tutorials, and pre-purchase information.

However, while Avada chooses to make its knowledgebase public, letting anyone look through its features before making a purchase, the Enfold theme manual is only available in the downloadable package that is made available after making a purchase.

Avada Theme Advantages

  • It is retina ready, customizable, and responsive on all devices. The theme layout can set to boxed or wide, and the theme logo is sticky and can appear on the left, center or the right side of the website.
  • It comes with the Fusion builder which features several flexible drag and drop elements that make it easy to create new posts and pages. You can also make additional changes to the footers, sidebars, sliders, title bars and background on every page.
  • Comes with some premium plugins including the Fusion Core, Fusion Builder, Revolution Slider and Layer Slider plugins.
  • It includes various demo pages and pre-built menus like the main menu, flyout menu, secondary top menu, mobile menu and the mega menu.
  • The theme features a knowledge base, documentation, video tutorials, and community forum
  • It is RTL compatible and works with the WPML plugin and Polylang multi-language plugins.

Avada Theme Disadvantages

  • Most of the built-in features will be left unused if you are building a small static site or a simple blog.
  • Users may get confused and incorporate unnecessary elements.
  • Depending on your hosting provider, you may encounter memory usage issues because a theme like Avada can be memory intensive.

The Avada WP Theme is Perfect for:

  • Those who need to set up a website as quickly as possible or have little or no experience with WordPress.
  • Those who are comfortable following extensive online tutorials and walkthroughs with a documentation library that includes countless useful articles.
  • Those who want to go with a theme with great 24/7 customer support and the highest motivation to stay on top by continually improving.

Enfold Theme Advantages

  • The theme comes with many pre-made demos and predefined templates which helps speed up your website building process, you can easily preview and import the demo you want.
  • It comes with the Avia Layout Builder, a drag and drop builder which makes it easy to customize or create amazing pages, posts or portfolio items.
  • It also features a settings panel, called the Enfold Theme Options that allows you to customize the theme’s general layout, styling, header and footer, and your social profiles.
  • It is compatible with many popular third-party plugins like WooCommerce, WPML, bbPress, Events Calendar, Yoast SEO, BuddyPress, etc…
  • It comes with nine custom widgets, including an Ads dedicated widget, called ‘Enfold Advertising Area: Ads.’ You can also create and manage several widget areas from the Enfold Custom Widget Area.

Enfold Theme Disadvantages

  • Does not have the option to add custom or Typekit fonts
  • Comes with the option to select dual sidebars, but these cannot be set up to be sticky
  • Video playlists are not available
  • It does not feature a built-in translation system
  • It only comes with one premium plugin included unlike other premium themes

The Enfold WP Theme is Perfect for:

  • Picky users looking for absolute quality and excellent support.
  • Those who want to design websites that look unique.
  • Those who want one of the best drag and drop editors to edit and design their website pages.


As you can see, neither theme has a clear upper hand or can be called the “winner”. Yes, Avada may be more popular but Enfold has better ratings, both themes also have great support and customization features. However, each theme has its own element which makes it unique and you should choose the theme that best solves the problem you have depending on your needs.

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