A POC for WooCommerce with Vespa.ai for search and recommendations

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Today, we were contacted by a client to try a pre-release of WPSOLR with Vespa.ai.

The client is already using WPSOLR with Elasticsearch for the backend orders search, and Weaviate for the 200K front-end products search.

The client wants to rank search results with a custom trained XGBoost model, and plans also to build recommendations. He’d like to use a single solution for search, ML ranking, and recommendations.

Rather than build a custom solution from scratch, using WPSOLR + Vespa makes sense.
WPSOLR will hide lots of technical details required when deploying Vespa application by hand, and let the client concentrate on schemas and ML ranking.

Stay tuned for more informations on the POC…

You can follow the POC progress on our forums: https://lnkd.in/dnmhb-zG

WPSOLR: https://wpsolr.com

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