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WPSOLR will integrate with Algolia Recommend

Published 18 August, 2022
– Last updated 7 January, 2023
Algolia Recommend

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WPSOLR will integrate Algolia Recommend https://www.algolia.com/products/recommendations/ as its first recommendation brick.


#algolia, being already part of the #searchengines supported by WPSOLR, is the most logical decision to start our next journey with #recommendersystems.


Also, we add several feature requests from existing customershttps://www.wpsolr.com/forums/topic/algolia-insights-tracking/


The first step is to send user events, which will not only allow adding content and collaborative recommendations, but also enrich the whole #ai stack:

– Personalization https://www.algolia.com/products/search-and-discovery/personalization/

– Personalized query suggestions https://www.algolia.com/products/search-and-discovery/search-autocomplete/

– Analytics https://www.algolia.com/products/search-and-discovery/analytics/

– Dynamic re-ranking https://www.algolia.com/products/ai-search/dynamic-reranking/

– Dynamic synonyms suggestions https://www.algolia.com/products/ai-search/dynamic-synonym-suggestions/



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Introduction Algolia is a search-as-a-service platform for businesses and developers. Its search engine provides an easy-to-use and fast search experience for web and mobile applications.