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Feature highlight : WordPress facets (filters)

WPSolr Wordpress facets example

Table of contents :

Whether you’re running an e-commerce store with Woocommerce, managing a news platform, or curating a blog, you would want to let your users personalize their WordPress browsing experience by adding facets to your website’s search functionality.


WPSolr allows for that.


Add faceted search to any WordPress  or Woocommerce website


The visitor uses facets to filter their "hat" search results in a WordPress website using WPSolr


WPSolr is a search & recommendations plugin that can also integrate facets powered by world-class search engines.


They are highly customizable and deliver lightning fast results. WPSolr also offer quite a few of them : checkboxes, radioboxes, select box, date picker, slider, color picker, etc…


You can learn how to add them in our official documentation.

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