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Table of contents :

WordPress media search with Weaviate multi2vec-clip

wpsolr weaviate admin search with clip

Table of contents :

Would it be nice to retrieve your puppies and kittens images among tens of thousands of untagged images from the WordPress media library search bar?

This would be a game changer for your back-office team, wasting hours every single day browsing and scrolling for images without titles or descriptions or even tags…

And without the tedious task of tagging them all?

And in 50+ languages!

Yes indeed, this is now possible !

As promised, here is the first WPSOLR implementation of SeMI Technologies Weaviate Hugging Face multi2vec-clip vector image search inside the WordPress media library.

In the video, you can watch the upload of 4 images in the media library. Each image is indexed in real-time in a Weaviate multi2vec-clip docker instance. After that, just some fun playing with keywords like “cat”, “kitten with sunglasses”, “puppy eyes”, “wings”, “spectacles” and so on…

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