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Why vector search alone is sometimes not enough for WooCommerce shops?

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Table of contents :

If you’re a shop owner, you know how the front-end and back-end searches are different.

On the front-end, vector search is a must. It prevents showing many empty results by looking into concepts rather than keywords.

On the back-end, precision is a must. When looking for orders or product ids, the exact results must be on top.

This is why, for a retailer, we’ve setup a dual configuration:
– 1 Elasticsearch index hosted at Elastic
– 1 Weaviate index hosted at Google Cloud Kubernetes, with a multilingual model
– 1 view to power admin searches with Elasticsearch
– 1 view to power suggestions and faceted search with Weaviate

Another benefit is the lower cost of an Elasticsearch index with hundred of thousands of orders/products, compared to the higher cost of a vectorizer inference (hosted or from external APIs)

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