Which models are best for your WooCommerce vector search: Hugging Face, OpenAI, or Cohere ?

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You do not have to wonder or spend weeks prototyping anymore.

With WPSOLR ‘s SeMI Technologies Weaviate integration, you can just:
– Install docker Weaviate locally with the 3 modules (or soon connect to a free/paid Weaviate hosting service)
– Create 3 indexes
– Index your data
– Compare your 3 searches immediately

The 3 models come with filters, facets, sort, and pagination.
And with the new Hybrid BM25/vector search too.

WPSOLR with Weaviate documentation: https://www.wpsolr.com/guide/configuration-step-by-step-schematic/configure-your-indexes/create-weaviate-index/

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