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When a WooCommerce retail uses WPSOLR search to compare OpenAI, Cohere, and Elasticsearch. In 5 languages

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Nobody can escape the hype: a client of WPSOLR was considering switching to a “#chatgpt” search.

But how does it compare to the current search?
And which AI model is better?

To escape the deadlock, WPSOLR proposed to install a private Elementor page with 3 search boxes.
Each search box displaying live suggestions from Elasticsearch, or Weaviate with OpenAI or Cohere embeddings.

Within 2 day, the test was set.
The client is now ready to compare a long list of keywords to the 3 sets of results.

And you, still wondering? Contact us: https://wpsolr.com

#wpsolr #weaviate #openai #gpt #cohere #LLM

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