Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Website Ranking In Search Engines (Proven Facts)

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The world of Internet has redefined the entire definition of how humans used to interact, express or even shop! If you would have asked anyone a few years back, if they ever thought in their wildest dreams about the participation of internet in our life to be so immense, probably most of the people would never believe it.

But, here we are eating, watching and living on the web! It turned out to be the most precious and innovative invention that had even happened and we are quite fortunate to see it grow and expand.

So, all the people out there who are already a part of this web mania; this comprehensive guide will help you up in beating your competitors in the most convincing manner.

Here, we present the top 3 handpicked ways to get better ranked and boost your website’s visibility.

Using SEO Friendly Plugins


best wordpress search plugin


Search Engine Optimization is probably the smartest hack that if played convincingly can flip the table entirely. For example, having a perfect Meta Description, titles and tags carry a lot of value, having a plugin (Link Back to Home Page) like yoast helps you to pay attention to the focussed keywords and also allows you to add Tags automatically.

So Whether you are new to Search Engine optimization or an expert Ninja; WordPress SEO plugins are extremely Vital in accomplishing  best search engine optimization practices”

  • Using The Best Wp Search Plugin: WPSOLR (Link Back To Previous Blog)

Effective, accurate and lighting fast search process adds an edge to a website, especially when you are serving in an E-Commerce platform like WooCommerce.

Considered as one of the Best WooCommerce Plugins; WP Solr’s a Kickass WP search solution that’s insanely popular with online shop owners as its support of plugins such as WooCommerce, Advanced Custom Fields and Yoast SEO

woocommerce wordpress plugin


WPSOLR uses one of the most powerful platforms such as Elasticsearch or Apache Solr.  It can be easily associated with all custom post types and attached files, also the Ajax allows visitors to see live results for their searches.

“WPSOLR is to here remove the headache for your users. It has the search functionality, similar to Amazon or eBay.

Making Consumable Easy to Understand Content

Be it an E-Commerce Store or sporting website; it has to have a certain set of information that’s relevant to the user and gives them a better understanding.

So if someone’s looking to know the difference between WooCommerce and Shopify, then the content should able to differentiate between the two and also helps users to absorb as much as jargons in the simplest manner.

Just recently Google has rolled out Dwell time Range that helps it to determine which website to rank better. And, it’s solely depend on the time spend by a user on the website, anything less than 1:43 minutes would give the search engine the signal about the irrelevant content and they will punish.

So, if someone’s is running an E-Commerce store that’s been powered by WooCommerce than the online shop must have an insanely fast search Wp Search Plugin that would allow the user’s to navigate through available products or articles so the user can have the best results in no time.

Remember, Better Content Draws the Customer and Better Search Makes There Stay longer, hence Improves Dwell Time”

Social Media Sharing and Constant Monitoring


best woocommerce plugins


9 out of 10 people update their Facebook  feed almost 40 to 50 times a day; Facebook Ads have successfully redefined the landscape of the entire E-Commerce industry and have become one of the top outreach processes to engage customers.

Having an active Social Media Page of either Facebook or of any other platform must be a regular practice as it would help users to know your brand in a much better manner.

Also, with tons of added features of campaigns in the Ads one can really reach out to the right amount of people by following the right Re-Targeting Campaigns.

“ Remember, You Got the Right Customers and Audience in Every Corner of the World, just Make Sure to Reach Out To Them Without Being Too Pushy”

Wrapping Up

We hope all the mentioned points must have given you an idea about how to make your website or brand The next Big Thing; following these would surely give an edge to your online Store and engage huge amount of audience that could be convert better.

A better Search process makes your website more user friendly and give user a better experience, so if you’re having a WordPress or WooCommerce  site that needs a little bit of acceleration, we request your to try out the Advance WpSolr.