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Release 22.3 with Weaviate vector search

Published 2 August, 2022
– Last updated 7 January, 2023

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This is an exciting moment, where #vectorsearch is getting to the rich #wordpress and #woocommerce community: site and shop owners, agencies, or even specialised hosting companies like Kinsta® Cloudways WP Engine Pantheon Platform

All current modules of #weaviate are implemented within WPSOLR (CLIP, text transformers, Question answering), while keeping the best of inverted search such as filters, facets, sort, pagination, suggestions.

With the compatibility of #weaviate with Hugging Face models, and OpenAI embeddings API, sky is the limit to what can be implemented.

If you are still reluctant, you could just add some #weaviate features to your current WordPress / WooCommerce implementation. For instance Questions answering in an autocomplete search box.

Please follow https://www.wpsolr.com/feature-weaviate/ to learn more about the integration.

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