Image discovery is so important for e-commerce, but reserved to high-end websites

With Weaviate for Hugging Face models like CLIP or Resnet, image similarity search is now a dream come true for almost any WooCommerce.

WPSOLR’s latest news on the SeMI Technologies Weaviate front !

1 – Hugging Face CLIP models

We’ve just completed the integration of Hugging Face CLIP models to WooCommerce front-end products search.

Visitors can now explore and retrieve the full catalog images from text keywords, including featured images, gallery images, or even product description embedded external images.

2 – Image discovery by similarity

Next release will include some brand new and revolutionary features.

2.1 – A new image filter

This filter will let a visitor upload an image to retrieve similar catalog images. And let him also filter images with facets.

2.2 – A new “Images like this” button on results

Each product in search results will get its own “Images like this” button, to display similar images.

2.3 – A new “Images like ” widget on product detail

Each product detail page will get its own “Images like this” widget, to show similar images.

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