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Table of contents :

I believe vector databases by themselves are an empty shell: the pearl inside are the embeddings.

DALL·E 2023-03-06 11.22.04 - funny cartoon of trying to fit a square in a round hole with a huge hammer

Table of contents :

Weaviate was probably the first to understand that fact, by delivering no-code vectorizer modules inside the database. Vespa too, but with more manual steps (download the model, convert to ONNX).

Suddenly, anyone a bit technical (but not a data scientist) could index its raw data without worrying too much about the cogs behind the scene.

Vector database + custom python code vectorizer => hard-core toolbox to build POC
Vector database + integrated vectorizer => mainstream toolbox to go to prod

More on WooCommerce + Weaviate : https://www.wpsolr.com

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