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Generative search with WooCommerce and ChatGPT: the fun recommendation systems killer?

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— The problem —
Let’s face it, we’re exposed to recommendations all day long. And they are often pretty dull and easy to discard. And not fun at all.

— A bad use case —
Let say I’m looking for Strawberries on a retail shop: I can see a long list of different items, more or less related. I can also see some more items recommended because other clients bought them with Strawberries.

Bo…ring classical scenario !!

— A creative and exciting use case —
Instead, let’s imagine that 3 recipes with strawberries are displayed alongside the results or suggestions…

Or 1 recipes with the 10 first ingredients…

Or a nutritional information of the items…

Or a classification based on their nutriscore…

Or a poetry…

Or whatever you can imagine…

— Conclusion —
Adding a step for generating content from search results or search suggestions is a game changer. A revolution.

In our use case, no need to build a recipe database: we generate recipes on the fly instead.

We can also see generative search as a gamification: we can finally have the fun back to the search.

WPSOLR will integrate Weaviate ChatGPT generative search ASAP: https://wpsolr.com

Get ready for the (fun) revolution!

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