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Table of contents :

Content recommendations coming with WPSOLR 22.4

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Table of contents :

WPSOLR 22.4 will introduce a brand new feature: content #recommendations

(also named “More like this”, “Similar items”, …)

This feature was asked for a long time, but is now almost trivial with the help of SeMI Technologies #weaviate near* filters.

Several content recommendation scenarios will be implemented, starting with the following (behaviour recommendations are out of scope at the moment):

– Supplement symbolic text search (Weaviate’s “where” filter or Elastic/OpenSearch Project/#solr/Algolia search) with semantic text search recommendations (nearText or ask results from the same query to show related texts/images/Answers)

– Show Vector space’s closest neighbours of a specific document (nearVector or nearObject search on a text/image document’s stored vector/id). For instance on the detail page of a WooCommerce product.

And with the help of “Views” introduced on coming soon WPSOLR 21.3, each recommendation can be configured with its own Weaviate instance, which means a large choice of (custom / Hugging Face / OpenAI) embedding models.

WordPress owners will be able to combine inverted search and facets, with semantic recommendations of all kinds (text, image) in a way never thought possible a year ago!

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