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Comparing classic search, vector search, and Hybrid search: is it even possible (part 4: multilingual)?


Table of contents :

(This is a follow up of Part 3


Multilingual search is a huge topic nowadays, especially for WooCommerce in a globalised market.


Your site is in plain English, but with the automated translations in Chrome, it is perfectly fine for visitors worldwide.


But what about search?

If your visitors look for “Running shoes” in French, or in German, or in Chinese, or in Hebrew ?


With some multilingual LLM models, this is not a problem anymore. Your visitors will get the same results for the same keywords in many languages.


Here are a few examples with keywords “Running shoes”, powered by Weaviate and a Cohere multilingual LLM model on a WooCommerce Cloudways:

– English:

– French:

– Chinese:

– Hebrew:

– Italian:

– Spanish:

– German:



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