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Comparing classic search, vector search, and Hybrid search: is it even possible (part 2: multi-engine real-time indexing)?

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(This is a follow up of Part 1)


Indexing several indexes, from several search engines is already difficult.

But you also need to do it in real-time, to ensure your search, suggestions, or recommendations are up to date.


So what? Do you have to call a batch every night to fully/incrementally reindex all your data?


Nope. WPSOLR handles that automatically, as show on the screenshot, in real-time, for:

– Elasticsearch

– OpenSearch

– Apache Solr


Weaviate with OpenAI, Cohere, Hugging Face, Transformers embeddings

– Google Retail API


WPSOLR: https://wpsolr.com


#wpsolr #elasticsearch #opensearch #apachesolr #algolia #weaviate #openai #gpt3 #cohere #huggingface

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