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Opensearch guides for WordPress & WooCommerce

Integrate Opensearch into Wordpress websites

How to (Easily) Configure Opensearch on WordPress

One of the best ways of improving user experience on your WordPress websites is to have a speedy and accurate search. While the default search can be quite effective on websites with limited amounts of data, it’s speed can become problematic (slow) as traffic and data increases. This is why, in this case, you should replace your WordPress search with a high performance search engine. But where do you start? Opensearch is an easy choice, since it is probably the one with the best price to performance ratio.Opensearch   What is Opensearch ? While the default WordPress search (and many other search plugins such as Relevanssi or Ivory search) use simple SQL queries to find matching posts in the WP database, Opensearch is optimized for information retrieval

Wordpress search

WordPress search : Ultimate Guide for 2024

WordPress is the most widely used CMS and single handedly powers 40% of the web. If you haven’t tried it already, it is intuitive, powerful and if you use one of many hosting providers out there, you can easily set up a working website in minutes. But once you made all of your content, how do you ensure that your users can find it. For that, you need a good site search. Many types of search exist : keyword search, AI search, even personalized search. WordPress provides one by default, but it is incredibly slow and ineffective. This guide will go over the benefits of a fast and relevant search and how you could implement third party search engines easily into any WordPress or Woocommerce

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Feature highlight : AWS Opensearch

AWS is the world’s leading cloud computing provider so it is no surprise that you would want to use it to host your search engines. Good news! You can now integrate the AWS Opensearch service into any WordPress & Woocommerce website using WPSolr, a search & recommendations plugin. Let Opensearch take control of your search and facets.   Why use Opensearch ?   Opensearch is an open source fork of a very popular and important search engine called Elasticsearch. It delivers an efficient and relevant search (that can power websites with millions of items or products) but also provides detailed analytics. It can be used for many purposes including but not limited to e-commerce, multimedia streaming, news, back-office, etc…   Opensearch was created in 2021

Managing Multilingual WooCommerce Stores with OpenSearch

Introduction Managing multilingual WooCommerce stores can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to handling search functionality across different languages. However, with the advent of OpenSearch, an open-source search engine, it has become easier to provide efficient and accurate search results for multilingual stores. In this post, we will explore how you can manage multilingual WooCommerce stores using OpenSearch and demonstrate a PHP client code snippet for integrating it into your WooCommerce setup.   Managing Multilingual WooCommerce Stores with OpenSearch One of the key challenges in managing multilingual WooCommerce stores is to ensure that the search functionality is capable of handling different languages and providing relevant search results. OpenSearch, which is based on the Elasticsearch search engine, offers powerful features that can help overcome

WPSOLR is on OpenSearch partners list

WPSOLR is proud to announce his presence on the OpenSearch’s partners list https://opensearch.org/partners/ (And that we now use the official OpenSearch PHP client https://github.com/opensearch-project/opensearch-php)

integrate your Opensearch server using the PHP client

Should you Use Elasticsearch PHP Client With OpenSearch? Opensearch PHP guide

Historically, you had to use the Elasticsearch PHP client, but as of november 2021 that is not the case anymore. The official Opensearch PHP client is now available.   As an official opensearch partner, we just had to explain the benefits of the Opensearch PHP client and provide a comprehensive guide on setting up a PHP application with it.   Opensearch is an open-source search engine designed for scalable and high available applications. It offers features such as full-text search, faceted search, vector search and many more.   Why use the Opensearch PHP client   Using the OpenSearch PHP client offers several advantages over using cURL directly. First, the PHP client provides a more simple and user-friendly interface for interacting with the OpenSearch API, reducing