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Did you know that Elasticsearch is free on Cloudways?

Why not use it with elasticpress.io or wpsolr.com or wpsolr free https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpsolr-free/ to power your WooCommerce or #WordPress? Try the Elasticsearch demo on Cloudways with WPSOLR: https://demo-woocommerce-flatsome-cloudways.wpsolr.com/shop/ The configuration is described in the link. And even more, with WPSOLR, for DigitalOcean clients eager to use Algolia https://demo-woocommerce-flatsome-cloudways-algolia.wpsolr.com/shop/, Elasticsearch, OpenSearch Project https://demo-woocommerce-cloudways-100k-aws-opensearch.wpsolr.com/shop/, Google Retail search https://lnkd.in/dNz83eQw, or even Weaviate vector search https://demo-woocommerce-flatsome-cloudways-2k-cohere.wpsolr.com/shop/, and soon Vespa.ai https://demo-woocommerce-flatsome-cloudways-2k-vespa.wpsolr.com/shop/. Try all WPSOLR search demos on Cloudways: https://www.wpsolr.com/wpsolr-demos/